Seems this issue is alive and well (unfortunately).  Employees struggling under an abrasive manager are frustrated, discouraged, and on the verge of leaving their companies. These are among the findings of a new survey released by consulting firm Executive Confidante. The survey reveals that those experiencing workplace bullying are losing motivation and feeling considerable stress. Few have found the situation improves by addressing the issue with the difficult manager, a more senior manager, or even by going to human resources.

With a prevalence rate of roughly 35%, the problem of workplace bullying is indeed significant. The survey gathered responses from across industries, company sizes, and management levels. One of the more distressing findings from across these groups is that so many of those who have experienced or witnessed workplace bullying have done so more than once – indicating the widespread nature of the problem.

Key findings of the report include:

  • 44% those surveyed left an employer because of workplace bullying. Another 42% percent considered leaving.
  • 75% reported a loss of motivation due to the stress of abrasive behaviors by their manager.
  • When bringing the matter to the abrasive manager, a more senior manager, or HR, bringing it to the abrasive manager was least effective (no surprise there).

According to the report, the most commonly seen reason for inaction is that companies simply ignore the issue, either because of a lack of process for dealing with the problem or because of conflict avoidance.

RGL Consultants can help your organization proactively address this issue by developing a tailored Harassment / Bullying Prevention Training initiative (including clear policies and reporting procedures) geared to both your management and employee population. Give us a call to discuss.

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